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Jun 17, 2019

It's a fact! Life is not easy! It's actually a lot of work! Just when everything feels good and you're in that state of flow... along comes a curveball and you say to yourself, "wow, I sure didn't see that coming!" 

Laurie Hardie, our guest, and speaker wrote a fabulous book titled, "Did Not See That Coming: Hope for the single parent" but it is really for anyone having a did not see that coming moment. This is just one of the gifts that Laurie puts out there in the world. She is also a podcaster with a show titled, Enough, where she offers unique life coaching tips in short, meaningful bursts. 

Laurie has a BA in Social Services and Spiritual Director. If her name and voice sound familiar ... she is a Seattle Radio Personality with Warm 106.9 FM.

Lauris is also a life coach... for the past 20 years before coaching was even a thing. She raised three kids on her own and loves supporting people in not only finding but living their purpose.

Along her journey, she's had to call on every single one of her life skills to survive.  When life throws rocks, she builds castles.  
Laurie learned first-hand what it means to live in community.  While working for Big Brother/ Big Sister/Esther's Place/Queen it's a New Day and other volunteer organizations, she developed her skills as a coach, encourager, writer, and speaker.

At Purpose Lounge, we believe everyone has a purpose, and perhaps not just one purpose but many purposes, depending on where they're at in their life. Laurie agrees with this same philosophy. She helps individuals to identify with their NOW PURPOSE. 

As you tune into this episode of Purpose Lounge, you'll hear words and phrases like courage, resilience, self-care, brain health, opening up vs. letting go (for all the parents who might be listening), the importance of failure (especially for our young people), saying YES, and of course, purpose!

If you'd like to connect with Laurie after the show, you can find her at:

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