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Sep 26, 2018

What decisions would you make if nobody else was around?  Are you struggling with the question, "so, what's next?"  Not sure if you believe enough to pray? Are you afraid to fail?  

In this episode of Purpose Lounge, Sydney Day, the phenomenally talented singer/songwriter who has been popping up at local venues in the PNW for years, as well as a part-time Barista and dedicated caregiver to her younger sister, talks about what it means to live an emotionally big life. 

When you listen to Sydney sing and see her perform you know immediately that this individual is feeling everything!  As a Millennial and a recent college graduate, Sydney is at that point in her life when questions like, "So, what's next" and the societal urge to put definitions around words like "purpose" can be met with a great deal of pressure and tremendous feelings of anxiety, resulting in depression.  Can you relate? 

Sydney speaks in a language that is truly beautiful because it's truth-telling.  It's a real "in the moment" dialogue that everyone will benefit from listening to. This conversation is relevant to anyone in transition, wanting to move in a direction that leads to greater purpose and meaning. 

Topics and themes that will rise up in this episode:

  • The importance of self-care and the many benefits of counseling
  • How to live an emotionally big life (and how music has helped her to do so)
  • Putting intention and purpose in everything you do, including how you contribute and give back (Playing for Change)
  • The power of prayer;
  • Faith, purpose, and spirituality
  • Getting in touch with your values in order to make the right choices in your life
  • Following the exercise of, "what decisions do I make if nobody else is around?"  P.S.  I LOVE THIS and hope everyone listening will test it out for a week! 
  • What it means to fail beautifully
  • And, finally, how Sydney combats the urge to compare. This last part of the interview is what I'm referring to as the BONUS PACK!  So, so good!  

Sydney Day is a local artist and part of a musical duo that makes up Acoustic Transitions with another incredibly talented singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar phenom, Pat Timmons.  You can find all of their upcoming performance dates at:

Sydney shares her solo projects and musical covers here:

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