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Oct 10, 2018

In this episode of Purpose Lounge, we have a very special treat for mum's (or as we say in America, mom's) looking for healing energy, unconditional love, and courageous encouragement. 

Tune in and hear this beautiful story of a woman who faced her fear, jumped off the cliff (proverbial speaking, of course), trusted the universe, and did that one thing that boiled her blood, all of which led her to a world of beauty and grace for herself, her family and women around the world! 

Blair Fillingham, the founder of, is on a mission to empower powerful women to be powerful mothers! As a mum herself, Blair's story is one of shock and inspiration. 

You would never imagine that while you are about to take off to have your first child your employer would call to tell you to come back to work early from your maternity leave or risk losing your job.  Right?  Well, this is exactly what happened to Blair, and not just one time, but for both of her pregnancies.  

Channeling her inner yogi, Blair took the advice of a life coach and focused on what ultimately made her blood boil. She founded as a way to deliver care and love to women about to embark on the most important job of their lives... motherhood!  

Highlights from the episode, include:

  • What it means to focus on the thing that makes you angry
  • Getting advice from your Guru
  • The raw moment of acceptance
  • Why yoga... beyond being a multi-billion dollar industry
  • Practical tips on finding and maintaining your balance 
  • Gratitude and the law of attraction 
  • Integrating movement into your day is an award-winning start-up, as the first and ONLY interactive yoga studio that specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga!  Offering a 28-day free trial, also donate $5/per member sign-up each month to a maternal health charity.  

For more information about Blair, visit:

If you take anything away from this episode, we hope that it is one of empowerment to channel your inner warrior and go after your LIFE! 

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This is your life!  This is your community!  This is your purpose!