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Oct 23, 2018

The definition of the word GRIT is courage and resolve; a strength of character. Want to know what GRIT looks like?  Meet Deanna Meyer!

Deanna is a dedicated mom first and foremost.  She's also a half ironman triathlete who recently took the world stage after overcoming two significant injuries, by exercising (pun intended) a champion mindset and demonstrating sheer grit. 

Deanna graciously stepped into Purpose Lounge to share her philosophies on the importance of family, living in the moment with grace, accepting help from others, and a willingness to push herself (as every Ironman athlete must do) because "Anything is Possible".  

Her belief that purpose is a journey is heartfelt.  Having experienced several pivotal moments in her own life's journey, from having children (one of her most joyful moments), to being rocked by divorce, and "coming back" after a slow and arduous recovery from a horrible bike crash, Deanna describes for the listeners what it takes to achieve BHAG goals, despite the obstacles that inevitably show up along the way.  

Through a simple formula, Deanna breaks down the steps that she has taken to live a life of purpose:

  1. Acceptance - recognize & acknowledge the obstacle/challenge
  2. Openness to finding purpose in the challenge
  3. Having the mindset to overcome
  4. Recognizing that purpose is a journey, so it's ok for it to evolve
  5. Turning to faith to help discern and guide

Coming back from the Ironman world stage in South Africa in September 2018,  Deanna has already picked back up the training baton to prepare for her biggest goal, a full Ironman in 2020.  She is also embarking on a coaching certification, with a mission to help other people grow, develop and find their passions.  

Contact Deanna here to find out how you too can develop, harness, and unleash your champion mindset:

Deanna is one tough contender.  She is the epitome of GRIT! Through acceptance, openness and recognizing that purpose is a journey, Deanna continues to strive for greatness and shows every one of us that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!