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Nov 29, 2018

A little over a year ago, Rachel Wernet, founder and CEO of Bedrock (an innovative skincare product line), launched her purpose, leaving her dreams and aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder behind. 


Her story is ... well, it's slightly uncomfortable.  It all started with a horrible armpit rash while she and her husband were down in Southern California attempting to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The discomfort led to a discovery, which ultimately resulted in a very clever skincare product line, starring the infamous elemental metal, Zinc!


Rachel's story of purpose is not unlike many others who have stepped into Purpose Lounge.  What's unique about her quest for a life of purpose is the way she went about achieving it, and let's be super clear (pun intended) this mompreneur is only just getting started!  


I encourage everyone who tunes into this episode of Purpose Lounge to check out Rachel's story and her amazing product line at and on Instagram @bedrockskin.  


Prior to having her kids, Rachel was on the fast track in corporate America, achieving success in marketing and business. Juggling work with kids became too much for Rachel so she pulled back on the scheduler reigns and looked for part-time, project-based work, as a marketing consultant. 


Working as a part-time consultant was not the end game for Rachel.  She always enjoyed thinking about business ideas.  In fact, while she was in the throes of another business venture (developing a kid's vitamin drink), and battling a horrible armpit rash, she landed on this idea that is now helping hundreds of people find relief, including herself!  The solution is found in her skincare product line, Bedrock.  The element that makes it all possible is Zinc.  "Zinc is an elemental metal from our earth’s crust that has been used over 2,000 years." 


In this episode of Purpose Lounge, Rachel shares her story as well as helpful tips for anyone who might be "sitting on a business idea" but just doesn't know how to get started.  Highlights include:

  • The evolution of a purpose-filled life
  • Why you should never "sit on an idea"
  • Point of no return... what that means and how to get there
  • The power of Instagram
  • Customer relationships and surprising a-ha moments (testimonials!)
  • Advice to fellow purpose-seekers... "Try it All!" 

I know what you're thinking.  How good can this product really be?  Well, take it from someone who has very oily skin... and prone to adult acne as a result; Porefector is an amazing product!  Check it out at or contact Rachel on Instagram (@bedrockskin) and request a free sample. 

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