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Dec 11, 2018

Purpose Schmurpose!  What's it *really* all about?!  Well, we found the expert and she nailed it!  The definition of Purpose, what it should mean, why it's important, and how entire systems can be built and sustained around Purpose.  It's all here, in episode 15 of Purpose Lounge!  

Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan, MA, PhC, PCC, CPCC, and CDWF, a highly trained, skilled, educated, and decorated executive leadership coach, defines Purpose as your contribution and the impact you make.  It's the intersection of values + skills + superpowers! It's about being SEEN.  

Equally as important in understanding the definition of purpose… is recognizing what it takes as a leader to see and develop an individual's potential! 

Beyond the definitions, Lakshmi shares keen insights and vast knowledge stemming from years of education (and more education!) in leadership and professional development and transformation that combines both the art and science of human purpose. 

Lakshmi takes a broad brush and strokes vivid images of black sun rises against a blank canvas, painting at a very young age, with her dad who taught her many things but most importantly encouraged her to think and believe freely.  She later shares poignant memories of her young adult life when "fitting out vs. fitting in," a concept that we introduced to listeners in EP 07 of Purpose Lounge, becomes a real sticking point, but in reverse order.

So eloquent in the details, Lakshmi unveils her personal journey to discovering her own life's purpose, which has fueled her desires and abilities to achieve incredible results for herself and her clients, including Amazon, Brooks Sports, Facebook, HP, Microsoft, Starbucks, Zillow, to name a few.  

Highlights from this purpose-filled episode:

  • The difference between passion and purpose
  • Purpose as a feeling and what it means
  • Oh to be seen! and I mean, truly seen!
  • Leadership … according to Dr. Brene Brown
  • Core values and super powers
  • Sustainability and the data behind what makes a team highly productive and accountable
  • The beauty of black sunrises: a story of a young mind being molded and an imagination unleashed by a father's love for his daughter
  • Purpose isn't something magical that you have to go and find, or that drops out of the sky. It must be cultivated.

Lakshmi's messages are profound and grounded.  Her teachings are available to present-day and future leaders, around the globe, at  

Lakshmi is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. She is one of a select group of Master Certified Facilitators at Dr. Brené Brown's Brave Leaders Inc., and a certified facilitator for Dr. Brown’s The Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead programs. She has a Ph.C. from the University of Washington and an MA from Georgetown and is a graduate of the Strategic Marketing Management Program at Stanford Business School (see below for other certifications).

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