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WELCOME to Purpose Lounge for purpose seekers around the globe looking for inspirational stories from like-minded purpose achievers!  Enjoy weekly episodes on all sorts of topics that we hope will motivate you to live every day with purpose, positivity, and meaning! 

Dec 28, 2018

Welcome to what will likely be the last episode of Purpose Lounge to air in 2018!  It's been six joyful months since we launched, focusing on Purpose, Meaning, and Joy! 

In this episode, I take a few moments to reflect on what I'm titling, "My year of transition." 2018 has been significant in terms of my own personal growth and for that, I am entirely grateful to the universe!  I have No Regrets!  Had it not been for the trials and tribulations, I don't know that Purpose Lounge would exist.  

We've had some pretty incredible guests (a.k.a. purpose achievers) on the show, sharing their stories of how they achieved purpose in their lives.  It takes courage to step into your purpose! But oh, when we do... the freedom and grace that comes with it!  

As I reflect on this past year, I realize just how important the message of being seen is, especially when so many of us battle depression and anxiety.  Feeling needed!  Self-love!  Overcoming!  Such important topics and themes throughout each episode.  

My hope for the new year (2019) is that we continue to share messages of hope and that we all continue to seek out opportunities to live a life of purpose and meaning.  Let's put an end to comparing ourselves to others, and stomp out the "disease to please."  Let's show up as our best self, be vulnerable, and live this life!  

Now go be awesome!!  See in you in 2019!