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Feb 20, 2019

Sarah Haggard launched her purpose and it's all because of a life long quest to help others, and... a woman named, Eileen.  

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Tribute, a workplace mentorship app that radically redefines and improves mentorship for your company—and your employees.

With a clear vision to be the defacto mentorship app for all Fortune 500 companies, Sarah and her team believe they have the winning formula that will enable connection and inclusion across a globally diverse workforce, all in an effort to create a phenomenal employee experience that users can't live without!  

Highlights and key lessons that you'll absolutely want to jot down:

  • The importance of paying TRIBUTE to shared life stories and experiences in the workplace
  • Finding and becoming a mentor; what it means to Fortune 500 corporations 
  • When you feel like you belong, you unlock even greater potential 
  • Know what your story is so you can connect with the people in your community; connectedness leads to inclusion and a richer experience 
  • When you understand that our struggles are our strengths, anything is possible
  • Moments of failure... that's when we find out who we really are!
  • Be vulnerable so you can show up as your true self
  • Living a life of purpose means living with courage and a growth mindset

Big news from Tribute!  They just signed an agreement with Women in Technology (WIT)Christine Bongard, President of WIT, is bringing Tribute into the network to help connect the 3500 members spanning 80 chapter and 40 cities worldwide!  

Advice to those of us out there seeking purpose in our lives, Sarah's response is spot on!  And, hey, aren't you even remotely curious who Eileen is?  Well, tune in and be inspired!