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Apr 6, 2019

This episode could be perceived as a sponsored advertisement but it most certainly is not!  Laura Malcolm is a purpose achiever who has dedicated her life to creating products that make the world better!  

Give In Kind is her current creation and it's taking the guesswork out of ... well, giving!  The company was no accident.  It was conceived during a time of tragic loss and sorrow.  

In this episode of purpose lounge, Laura shares her and her husband's story of achieving purpose stemming from the tragic and unexpected loss of their daughter, Layla back in 2013, just five weeks before her due date. 

In the midst of their heart-wrenching sadness, surrounded by flowers and what seemed like a never-ending supply of lasagna dinners, all sent with love by their network of family and friends spread out all over the country, Laura and her husband looked around and thought, there must be a better way. 

And this is where Give InKind was born. 

Learn more about Laura and this amazing company at 

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