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Apr 29, 2019

The equation is simple.  Take one part supportive parents encouraging education and creativity, combined with several parts education and passion, remove discipline and structured vision, and replace with a healthy dose of purpose and meaning, and you come away with a man who has every bit mastered the art and science of what it takes to be a full-fledged modern storyteller and communication leader. 

Hanson Hosein is one of Seattle's most influential people. He's also the Director of the Communication Leadership master’s program at the University of Washington and the President of HRH Media Group LLC  a media production and communications strategy firm, based in Seattle, WA. 

His journey began years ago when he completed several law degrees before entering into the field of journalism. Taking an unconventional approach, Hanson achieved accolades as an Emmy and Overseas Press Club award-winning journalist for NBC News. Hanson courageously ventured into war-torn territories as a solo TV war correspondent for MSNBC and CBC. He is also a documentary film director whose work has been streamed and broadcast worldwide.  

The episode you're about to tune into, or perhaps you already have, details Hanson's journey and mission, to help leaders act as agents of translation and transformation. 

Highlights from the show include:

  • A lesson on how to never be boring
  • From London to Seattle, the journey is the mission and purpose is in every step
  • What it means to start at the top of the mountain...
  • Breaking the rules with justification and doing it really big
  • Interviews with Jeff Bezos and Howard Schultz 
  • The tyranny of too many choices
  • Being a productive soul and what it looks like 
  • When you stumble into something... what's the lesson?
  • Communication leadership ... the definition of success and the role you now must play
  • Data is a backward approach; why we must not lose sight of the creativity and the qualitative, human-centric equation
  • Advice around purpose and how to achieve it

Learn more about Hanson Hosein:

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