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Aug 25, 2019

Fascinating people get me every time! Michelle Boessler is super fascinating! When you meet this fabulous unicorn, you would never expect her to tell you she's a co-founder of a highly successful cannabis company. But then again, what should we expect? 

Michelle's company, Wave Edibles is dedicated to helping people! With proper, micro-dosing in every nibble, to the highest quality chocolate. Think Godiva ... only this chocolate delight is "on drugs."

What I most appreciate about Michelle and her story of purpose-achievement is that she didn't go it alone. She aligned her values and principles with a few other like-minded unicorns to create an amazing company with a purposeful mission to help people manage their pain and emotions through a revolutionary edible line that is fun, safe and clean. 


By the time we published this episode, Michelle and her team launched an entirely NEW product line called Wave CBD available at Grown and made in the USA, each product promotes relaxation, immune system support, relief for sleeping disorders, and soothes joint and muscle aches while helping with anxious feelings or distress. 

Beyond the business and these amazing products (because we're not here to serve up commercial advertisements), Michelle shares important messages that every entrepreneur and founder should hear when the decision is made to leave the comfort of a corporate job and launch a business. 

Highlights from the show:

  • The growing up years in Middlebury, ID; how this small-town vibe (driving alongside the Amish), family, experiences, and travel abroad helped define a life of purpose.
  • Channeling the great Maya Angelou.

"I love wisdom. And you can never be great at anything unless you love it. Not be in love with it, but love the thing, admire the thing. And it seems that if you love the thing, and you don't just want to possess it, it will find you."

  • Staying true to your values and knowing what your passion is.
    • Taking her strong desire to help people and unleashing that passion in an effort to launch a business that she can feel good about.
  • Relationships and the connection to people who can help you achieve your goals.
  • Advice to the younger generations around living a life of purpose? Come on, you know we always ask this question on Purpose Lounge! 
    • Don't be afraid of the word "no"... it doesn't define you!
    • Always be learning!

To learn more about Michelle Boessler and her company's products:

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