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Jul 12, 2018

Hello Purpose Seekers. Meet Lisa Hufford, founder, and CEO of Simplicity Consulting. Simplicity Consulting is a premier Enterprise Marketing Services Consultancy that helps companies, and people, thrive in this new world of work (a.k.a. gig economy).

Lisa has been named an Inc. Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs, and has been named by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneurial Winning Woman. She is the author of “Navigating the Talent Shift: How to Build On-Demand Teams That Drive Innovation, Control Costs, and Get Results”, a book that is highly recommended to hiring managers, HR leaders, and CEOs in search of innovative ways to grow their business through on-demand, high performing, proven talent. 

In addition to running a company, writing books, and being a phenomenal wife and mother, Lisa gives of her time teaching "early in career" talent the importance of identifying and unleashing their personal brand.  Tune in and find out what happens when you "step into it and own it!"   

To learn more about Lisa Hufford, visit: