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WELCOME to Purpose Lounge for purpose seekers around the globe looking for inspirational stories from like-minded purpose achievers!  Enjoy weekly episodes on all sorts of topics that we hope will motivate you to live every day with purpose, positivity, and meaning! 

Mar 22, 2019

It all started at the very young age of 9 years old when Heidi Metz joined her parents, humanitarian global change agents (the founder and co-founder of Mercy Ships), along with her siblings, on a hospital ship the size of two football fields traveling all over the world doing relief work. 

Today, Heidi has her own purpose with Imani, a mobile payment company and wallet built on Blockchain technology. Imani (the Swahili word for trust) provides a safe and effective means for the world's 2.5M unbanked people to store and save their money.

As we've learned in past episodes of Purpose Lounge, the definition of purpose is combining your skills and passion in order to make contributions that allow you to be seen. And that's exactly what Heidi is doing.  She's taking her lifelong, passions (addressing global issues to result in lasting change, and cutting edge technology) to help address poverty and corruption for millions of people in developing parts of the world. And oh how she is she showing up and being seen!

Highlights from this episode:

  • What it means to truly make our mark
  • Real tragedy can also mean not using our gifts
  • Blockchain technology: what it means for industries
  • The balancing act!  A corporate athlete, business leader, working mom, dedicated wife, knowledge expert in Blockchain, founder of Imani Bank... getting it all done without compromising values, time, and relationships
  • The definition of success 
  • Advice for younger generations 
  • Oh, and don't miss the reference to Brene Brown's Daring to Lead!  

If you enjoy stories that are inspiring, motivating, and truly thought-provoking and intelligent, then you'll love this episode. 

Heidi Metz is an unbelievable role model and someone who is doing good work, delivering meaning and value to those who truly need it.  If you'd like to connect with Heidi, you can find her here:

Enjoy the show!